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  • London Guide
    London Guide

    Live stream summary Part 1 by Olga Elmes Masha & Sasha are greeting the Subscribers: We are meeting today a bit later but we ARE meeting. We are moving our meetings on Sunday from 1pm to 3pm Moscow time. And we will film for about 2 hours depending on the interest of the viewers in the subjects. The viewers are asking about changing the time. Many were worried when they had not found the streaming at the usual time. Sasha is congratulating everybody who is going to school or University on the 1st of September- the Day of Knowledge in Russia. We can hear the words “ Hello and Privet” from all over the world. People are passing their kisses to Messi. 5:00 More greetings. Viewers are joking that they became cat dependent due to the Messi’s stream. It’s very hot today in Penza. Sasha: Don’t worry, nothing bad has happened. Good things have happened that’s why we changed the time of the stream. Messi, do you want the other toy? I’ll fetch it for you. Viewers from Hamburg are asking to share some Russian sun with them. Some foreign viewers are writing that the 3pm time is more convenient for them. Sasha: In any case, the audience will divide approximately in half, someone will like it and someone not. Viewer: What is the place where you walked with Messi in yesterday’s film? Sasha: We walked on the neighbour’s land but we went through our land. We visited our neighbour. His land is under construction and we are allowed to walk there. There is a beautiful landscape with big trees which Messi likes a lot. Q: Does Uncle Vanya allow Messi to scratch his tree? Sasha: Uncle Vanya ( home name for Ivan) is a very nice person. He is a man whose deer live in our area and he loves animals very much. We are allowed to go there every day but Messi does not like the same route every day. Each time he pulls me somewhere else. Viewers: Have you taken another animal? Tell us the truth. Sasha: No, no. We are helping our friend Igor Shafran. You could see him cooking pilaf at the previous stream. We are helping him to launch his You Tube channel. They are currently filming for the first time. All our friends are doing it in our house. We missed the time table a bit. We did not make it on time so they have to film now and they are cooking something delicious there. And we keep on trying their cooking bit by bit. 10:00 Viewer: It’s very hot in the Urals. Viewer: Where is your Squeaking Ball? Viewer: Masha, your voice is very different today. Masha: They are filming so I try not to raise my voice. Again, Masha is explaining the reason they decided to stream at 3pm. Their friend Igor Shafran is not a media person and they persuaded him to start his own chef channel. Sasha is adding that Igor’s cooking was shown several times on Messi’s channel and it attracted a great deal of interest. Igor is looking out of the window. Viewer: Why do you show less contents about Gerda than about Messi? Masha: No, we show exactly the same. Viewer: Will you pass our greetings to Uncle Vanya for his welcoming Messy on his land. Sasha: There are more houses being built nearby and many neighbours offer their plots for Messi’s exercises. Viewer: I was guessing why you had so many shoes at the entrance. Sasha: These all belong to our friends who gathered today (In Russia street shoes and boots are left at the entrance and people put on home shoes or slippers- Olga’s comment). All our friends are very interesting people, everyone is talented in their own way. Shall we introduce them? Shall we see what they are filming? 15:00 Viewer: At last you have a ball which is liked by Gerda too. Sasha: We like the way it talks and squeaks too. Masha’s sister came some days ago and her first question was- And where is your Squeaking Ball?- Q: Our vet advised us to start feeding our cat the dry food. The cat has not been eating for 6 days. My heart is bleeding. What shall I do? Sasha: I want to remind you that the cat is a lonely predator. It’s more difficult for it to hunt than for the other predators. A cat can easily manage without the food for 5 days on condition it isn’t ill, just no food around. Usually it’s better to add some dry food to the usual one, then to mix both and gradually replace wet food with dry food. You can also dissolve the dry food in water, you will get something like pate, and then you will add some pieces of chicken there. The cat might choose only chicken from there but the chicken will be soaked with the smell and taste of the dry food. Gradually the cat will get used to the taste. As a rule, the cats don’t have a problem going from the dry food to the wet one. Usually it’s more difficult to do the opposite. We had a similar experience when we had to give vitamins to Messi and Gerda. First we added a quarter of a pill, then a half, then three quarters. We did it very slowly. And say to the cat ,- you are on the dry food from today,- it just won’t work. Especially with premium food as they don’t put any additional ingredients attracting animals . That’s why cats prefer cheap food to premium food. Q: Is Shafran Igor’s real surname or is it a nickname related to his chef’s work? (shafran is a spice -saffron in English). Sasha: It’s his real surname. If he wasn’t a cook he would have to become one with such a surname. Viewer: For those who live in Moscow time, 3 pm is very convenient, you do all your jobs beforehand and can relax with Messi at 3pm. Viewer: The place where you walked with Messi is very beautiful. Sasha & Masha agree and add: But it isn’t ours.

    • liberal ass
      liberal ass

      @Ekaterina Levicheva and Olga thank you so much for the translation as usual. you gals rock!! ♥️♥️

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      Elephant seal

      Thanks ladies for the translations. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Part 5. Sasha says that Gerda feels safe in the enclosure. This is her home. We do the same. When we feel uncomfortable, we say that we want to go home. The enclosure is a place that belongs only to Gerda, she marked all the corners with her urine. Gerda comes here as to her home. Sasha says that Gerda herself entered the enclosure even during live broadcasts. Gerda is a self-sufficient girl. Masha says it's time to end the live broadcast, because their guests can't cope without them. She thanks us for coming, despite the fact that the start time of the stream has been changed. The next Sunday, the stream will start again at 15:00/3 pm Moscow time. Masha also thanks us, the moderators. The guys wish us a happy next week. Sasha says that schoolchildren should not be upset that a new school year is starting. In 9 months there will be summer holidays again! Adults don't have that many days off, so kids need to be happy. The end.

    • Elisa Williams
      Elisa Williams

      Thank you both! Looking forward to it!

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Part 4. 1:07:51 Q: Have you trimmed oaks? Sasha: Yes, we cut them to allow the lower branches to grow. The oaks are alive. It doesn't matter that the top of them died. One branch is enough for something big to grow from them in 5-7 years. We are in no hurry. The main thing is that they are still alive. Their tops have suffered because this winter has been fierce. Therefore, it’s not surprising. Comment: Yana said that your cats are the largest cats that can purr. Sasha: Yes, that's right. The cougar is the fourth largest cat in the world. In the first place is the tiger, in the second - the lion, in the third - the jaguar. Then the puma, then the leopard. The leopard is smaller than the cougar, about 20 kg/44 lbs. The cougar is the largest purring cat. We are used to purring both when inhaling and when exhaling, as Gerda does. Yana's tigers make the "Uff" sound. This is also a purring, but due to physiological differences, they can only purr when exhaling. At the same time, their saliva flies in all directions. When inhaling, they cannot purr. Q: Sasha, is there something that you don’t know? Sasha: Enough. I’m happy to talk about the things that interest me. I research what interests me thoroughly. But there are things that don't interest me. For example, I don't know much about birds. Sometimes I even feel ashamed. It was only at the institute that I learned that birds pee and poop from the same hole (cloaca). Imagine, I found out about this only in the fifth decade of my life. There are many things that I don't know. I’m aware of only one narrow area of knowledge. Q: Does Gerda purr all the time when you are around? And when you leave her, is she silent? Yes everything is correct. She has now moved away and no longer purrs. Sasha: Even when we are close, something can distract her, and she stops purring. But usually when people are around, she constantly purrs. 1:11:12 Q in English: Do you have address for fan mail and gift? Masha: Yes, of course. Masha asks me to answer this message. I send a chat message. The guys' email is listed under each video. Q: How do I stop photographing and filming my favorite cats? I have two Bengal cats, my phone already has little memory. Masha: Everyone has this problem. My phone is running low on memory too. There's nothing you can do. You need to upload pictures to a separate hard drive. Sasha says it doesn't help. They have a separate 1 TB hard drive and a 1 TB laptop hard drive. And those two hard drives and phone memory are almost full. This is not only video and photographs, it is also video from security cameras and from a gopro camera. Sasha: I've never had so many photos in my entire life! Sasha continues to talk about birds. The secretion of fluid in their bodies occurs in three stages (in the stomach, in the intestines, then when mixed with feces). And then they do this (Sasha shows with his hands). Comment: Until I was 23, I believed that sparrows are the children of pigeons! Masha: You are not the only one. I know a lot of people who thought so, because sparrows and pigeons hang out together all the time. Sasha: Sparrows are very smart and fast birds. When my friends and I recalled our childhood, we asked each other which birds we were holding in our hands. They were birds that fell out of the nest, little pigeons. We constantly found someone, brought someone back to the nest, someone we threw up to teach them how to fly. I have never held a sparrow in my hands. We helped the little crows get away from the cat. But we didn’t come across sparrows. These are how fast and cunning birds they are! We are used to them and treat them as something standard. I even held a swallow in my hands. By the way, did you know that if a swallow sits on the ground, it cannot fly up? [In fact, this is a swift, not a swallow. - E.L.] There was an airport near my former home. Swallows settled there. In my opinion, this also applies to the swift. If a swallow has landed on the ground, it will not be able to fly up from the ground. She jumps to the nearest bush, climbs up the branches and then flies up. If a swallow sat on the lawn, we could lift it with our hands (Sasha shows with his hands) and hold it. Q in English: Are there kitten photos of Messi? Masha: Only one. The guys say that they need a whole day to carve meat for cats for two weeks in advance. Cheetahs have a very weak pancreas. Cutting out all the fat from the meat for Gerda is a very painstaking work. 1:16:27 C: In our city (Lviv) the sparrows disappeared about 25 years ago. The guys are surprised. It seemed to them that sparrows were everywhere. Something must have happened. C: Swallows even sleep in flight. Masha: Swifts definitely sleep in flight. Sasha: Both swallows and swifts. Swifts even have sex in flight! They manage to feed their chicks without sitting on the nest. A swift spends his whole life in flight. It only sits down when it dies. Masha reads messages about sparrows. Sasha recalls that as a child, they returned thrushes to the birdhouse. The birdhouse hung on a large tree, which was easy for children to climb. Every year, someone fell out of this birdhouse. They are called "fledglings" when they still have a lot of fluff. They fell down, the children picked them up and put them back in the birdhouse. The bird took all the chicks back. They say that if the chick was in the hands of people, then its mother will not accept it and will not feed it. But all the chicks that Sasha and other children returned to their place, the bird accepted them. Perhaps the bird eventually got used to people, because the tree was close to the entrance of the house. 1:19:02 C: Sasha, you have told so many facts about birds! But you said that you don’t know anything about them. Sasha: These are my personal observations! These are childhood memories. Our childhood was correct: we climbed trees, burned fires, ran on the roofs of garages, threw slate into the fire, baked potatoes over the fire, etc. C: And also the swifts bomb with eggs. Masha: Do they throw eggs on the fly? Sasha: I don't know that, I can't say anything about that. Masha: Or are you kidding? Sasha: All I know is that this bird flies all its life. Maybe swifts lay eggs as they fly? C: Sasha reports that he knows nothing about birds and begins to give out a bunch of information, half of which I hear for the first time. The guys laugh. C: In Belarus, sparrows and dragonflies disappeared for about 20 years immediately after the Chernobyl accident, but now everything is fine. 1:20:08 C in English: I like videos. I am studying English and the subtle English to help me. Masha: Oh, cool! Thank you very much. Sasha climbed onto the shelf and invites Gerda to join him. Masha: Messi! Sasha: Messyusha, ay-ay! It seemed to Masha that the phone's battery was running out. Sasha says that he needs to pour water on the place on the grass where Messi peed. Messi's urine is a nitric acid fertilizer. Masha: Messi is very cultured. Q: Gerda has been with you for almost a year. How has her attitude towards you changed during this time? Masha: She has become more trusting. If earlier, after a walk, it was possible to lure her back to the aviary only with the help of food, now it is enough just to call her. Before, she didn't like to cuddle. Now she loves hugs very much. Before, she wouldn't let us touch her paws. Now we can sit next to her and stroke her paws. She takes it very calmly. Masha says that when she lived with her parents, there swifts made nests on the balconies of a multi-storey building every year. But she had never seen the swifts throw their eggs. Q: Would cougars or cheetahs eat a hamster in the wild? Masha: I don’t know about Gerda, she doesn’t even hunt birds. Messi would eat it, of course. Q: Why is the cougar constantly with you, and the cheetah you only periodically release from the enclosure? Masha explains that Gerda is already 8 years old, and all her life she has lived in a zoo, where no one taught her to go to the toilet in one place. Therefore, she would not be able to live in the house. Besides, the house is Messi's territory. They don't get along very well with each other even in the yard, because they have different temperaments, different characters. They are too different, they have different ideas about activity and games. Gerda has no idea about hygiene, that she needs to go to the toilet in one place. Even when she walks in the yard, she repeatedly marks both the veranda and the garage walls with her urine. When the guys return her to the enclosure, they wash these places. 1:24:44 Q: What happened to the mouse that Messi caught in the kitchen? Masha: He ate it. We posted a video about it. He caught a mouse and ate it. Masha continues to talk about Gerda. The grass was very unusual for Gerda, and now she likes to roll on the grass. The snow was also very unusual for her. She didn't want to step on the snow at first. Then she began to walk on it and feel comfortable. Q: How is your Sphynx cat doing? Masha explains that Kira died at the end of April due to heart failure. Sasha is back. He watered the lawn where Messi peed. Masha continues to talk about Gerda. Gerda walks in the yard, when she gets bored, she herself goes into her enclosure. She lies on the floor here in the enclosure, although her door is open.

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      @Eran Shachar In such situation, it isn't possible to translate for 1.5-2 hours. They have translators who give some general idea what's been told in a chat. In Russian, there are so many idioms which are difficult to explain... That's why it is impossible to translate spoken Russian simultaneously.

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      Gerda is about 7-8 years old (there is some discrepancy between her passport and her import documents). Those glass plates are supposed to be folded. So the porch can be open or closed.

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      FAQs: New subscribers, watch please first this video of the history of Messi's appearance in the house, you’ll find there answers to many questions! pleyes.info/port/wideo/4KqXonXOZ5exoZk


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      FAQs: New subscribers, watch please first this video of the history of Messi's appearance in the house, you’ll find there answers to many questions! pleyes.info/port/wideo/4KqXonXOZ5exoZk

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    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      It's no longer hot in Russian schools in September. Although in recent years the climate has changed so much that September weather has become similar to the weather in August. It is customary in our schools to bring bouquets of flowers for teachers on September 1st. Do children in your schools congratulate teachers on the start of the school year?

  • Audri Clausen
    Audri Clausen

    Since I don’t speak Russian were those family members or friends or both and how was the food

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Das KapitaL Not subtitles, but translation in the first pinned comment.

    • Das KapitaL
      Das KapitaL

      Subtitles will come later.

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    Stuff Joo

    Thank you, mom and dad, for spending time with Greda in her enclosure, she feels like your hanging out with her in her living room. (LOL) I believe Greda is a mommy's girl and she still looks up to dad for approval and love and affection. She loves to have dad walking beside her and by her side. She walks like she feels confident with him and feels protected..


    Messii !!! Lovely Cat : p

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    los gatos 🥵

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    Iryna V

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    • Над К
      Над К

      @Das KapitaL сырое мясо и тем более рыба - тоже не очень-то хороший корм для домашнего кота. Мой на таком питании и получил проблему с мочекаменной. Рыба вообще может много проблем принести У ветеринаров разные мнения. Есть те, кто считает, что лучше кормить сушкой. И у них есть тому обоснование

    • Das KapitaL
      Das KapitaL

      Согласна, очень тяжело отучала кота от сухого корма. К сожалению не удалось американского кота перевести на сырое мясо и рыбу. Не захотел

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  • 2011ruzanna

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    Eva Volfbein

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  • Elizabeth Cave
    Elizabeth Cave

    Pumas are from North America. Canada and US

    • Tatyana Morgoeva
      Tatyana Morgoeva

      Messi is a Canadian cougar.

  • Elizabeth Cave
    Elizabeth Cave

    For those who asked, Messi is 5, Gerda is 7.

  • Алла Товбина
    Алла Товбина

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  • Elizabeth Cave
    Elizabeth Cave

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  • Алла Товбина
    Алла Товбина

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  • Elena Ivanova
    Elena Ivanova

    Про сухой корм. Мы купили котёнка майн кун в 2005 году в Германии. Обычно котят отдают в 3 месяца. Но так получилось в 2 месяца отдали. Они не были заводчиками. Купили кошку Стирилизованаю.для кота. И она залетела. По немецки все документы прививки но раздали рано. Последней прививки мы сами делали. Кошка микс. Прожила 11 лет. Была нашим ребёнком. Муж умер от рака и она спустя год ушла на радугу. Но что я заказать, купили с мешком корма в 2 месяца. Ела только сухой корм и только Феликс иногда. Вздулся паркет играла с водой потом в ванну пересилили

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    • Das KapitaL
      Das KapitaL

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    Люда Василенко

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      Das KapitaL

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    Robin Herrell

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    • Das KapitaL
      Das KapitaL

      They moved to suburbs when bought house because of Messi. This is central european part of russia. Mid size city Penza.

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    Patsy Spry

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    • marie salerno
      marie salerno

      @Dale McNamee I remember!

    • Dale McNamee
      Dale McNamee

      @marie salerno And Messi gently took the puppy's muzzle in his jaws and gave the puppy's muzzle a very gentle squeeze to calm the puppy down and the puppy quieted down...🙂

    • marie salerno
      marie salerno

      @Dale McNamee Aw yeah! I remember seeing that little pup jumping all over him and annoying him.

    • Dale McNamee
      Dale McNamee

      Hi Marie ! 👋 That would make sense if he was introduced to a puppy of the same age when he was a cub... If you watch the videos of Messi attending dog obedience school, he was mostly neutral to adult dogs and annoyed by a puppy and another dog that was trying to be friendly...

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    Elena Ivanova

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    Elena Ivanova

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    Elena Ivanova

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    Миша Шепелев

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    Наталья Ганжа

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    Adam Wróbel

    Каждый раз, когда я смотрю такой PLeyes, появляется реклама, в которой парень рекламирует вложения, говоря, что ты тоже можешь заработать тысячу долларов в неделю. Интересно, почему он хочет, чтобы мы зарабатывали? Он зарабатывал на нас деньги?

    • Adam Wróbel
      Adam Wróbel

      @Maria Kihl смотри, чтобы не проиграть ...

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      Maria Kihl

      Его товар - знание,как заработать.Соответственно,он его продает. Это во-первых.Во-вторых,некоторые люди действительно хотят добра другим,удивительно,правда? Здесь сошлось два в одном: и заработать,и другим помочь.

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    marie salerno

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