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  • I_am_puma

    LIVE STREAM SUMMARY. August 8, 2021 Part 1 by Olga Elmes 0:05 Messi starts with a “Wrrraa” and Masha&Sasha say “big Privet” to everybody and “zdrastvuyte”. Masha did not have time to do up her hair but Sasha has got a new shirt and Messy looks best of all. It’s very hot outside again, viewers write hello from Moscow, Greece, St Petersburg, Port of Nakhodka ( www.findaport.com/port-of-nakhodka ). Many viewers write congratulations because today is Cats Day, many ask for Messi to be kissed for them. Sasha&Masha are feeling OK. Last night Messi came in the middle of the night and lay down across the bed. Masha tried to kick him out but in vain. Sasha: It was 50 kg of a cat who decided that the master needed to be properly washed properly. Messi decided to put that right and began licking Sasha. This is the stoty for those who dream about sleeping with such a kitten. Q: How do you and the cats cope in this heat? Sasha: We stay at home under the air conditioner. There are many questions about the fence. Who stole your fence? Even The Tiger Den received questions about the Dmitrievs’ fence. youtube.com/shorts/12SEdYSTsrU Masha: It’s just a joke. The fence will be replaced. It will be higher but of the same design. We have new neighbours and want to separate them better from ourselves as the animals often stay outside. 6:05 Greetings from Italy, Penza, Minsk, Los Angeles, Sverdlovsk, Canada, Volgograd, Kurgan. Viewers worry that Masha has got a blocked nose. Viewers are happy that the Dmitrievs and Messi are back home. Q: Do you have to get up every day with Messi at 5 am? Sasha: Not always but if Messi wakes up , he will get up. And he will make you get up. Viewers ask about the hungry Monday for Gerda as Yana decided to feed Gerda. Masha said that Gerda had a hungry half day as they returned on Monday evening and did not feed her in the evening. Q: Who are your new neighbors? - We don’t know them yet. They are in the process of moving in and we have not met yet. 10:30 Q: Messi looks freshly bathed. Did you wash him? No, we did not bath him. Maybe he licked his paws and they look very clean. Q: How did Messi behave when he was alone in the hotel? Sasha: Without any problems. He was sleeping. He knows how to behave, where the toilet is and where he can sleep. Only once did we need to have a carer when we stayed in a hotel. It was Masha’s younger sister, and it was the condition imposed by the hotel. Viewers are fascinated with the new fence. The Dmitrievs might be able to show it during the next stream. They are also planning to install a see-saw. They had an urge to design. Masha is reading a suggestion that Dima and Yana are in a worse position as their tigers wake them up at 3 am. Masha agrees. Viewers are excited about the film where tired Sasha and Messi were sleeping together after their journey back home. Sasha: It’s very hot to sleep with Messi as his temperature is higher than ours and it’s not very nice in summer. Greetings from Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Moldova, Bulgaria, North Venice. Please kiss Gerda’s nose for us. Sasha is going to see if Gerda is outside. She is outside in the shade. 14:40 Viewers write that Messi has got very nice appetising fatty thighs. Sasha is patting Messi‘s legs and saying that he looks like Spanish Gamon. Viewers write that Vagram, owner of the Zoo in Kaluga, has acquired a little puma from a travelling Zoo. The baby puma was named Mia. Sasha says that she is very lucky to be living with Vagram. Greetings from Taganrog: Are you going to open parcels today? Sasha: The parcels are on their way. Messi keeps on cleaning himself after eating some smetana- sour cream. Q: And what about your own diet days? Do you follow any diet and do you like eating? Masha&Sasha: We like eating. We don’t have diet days but when it is very hot we just miss meals. We don’t have favorite food. Masha likes pasta. We eat everything and we can’t go without meat or fish. Messi is given plenty of kisses. There are more Qs about neighbors: The previous neighbors left because their children are going to school and it‘s too far to drive to school from this location. So they sold a flat in Penza and this countryside house, and bought a house in the outskirts of Penza. Viewers ask what Messi smells like: Nothing special. Like a normal cat. Perhaps he smells a little of dust and fur. Messi is offered some cheese but he does not like it as it’s too salty. Greetings from Novorossiysk and Abruy Dyurso ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abrau-Dyurso ).They’ve been there and Sasha has very nice memories. Messi is leaving the room. He’s going to a special cupboard where his favorite toys are kept. He remembers about them. They are Wazovsli, Giraffe, Sloth and Frog. He goes mad with them and tramples everything in his way that’s why they are kept in the cupboard. 20:55 Viewers ask about a baby puma Vagram acquired and how the Dmitrievs met Vagram. The puma came from a travelling Zoo, so they don’t think that it’s a pure breed but it might be healthier because it’s a mixture. It is about 3 months old. Vagram has been their subscriber for years and he invited Sasha and Masha to visit him and his animals biosferapark.ru/ Q: How is Messi’s toy Sloth? The Sloth is very well. It is one of Messi’s favourite toys and it is also located in the cupboard. Messi and Sasha are looking into the cupboard. Messi is asking for a toy and is given a Frog. He is running with it upstairs. Yana from the Tiger Den: How are u so slim? I can’t eat so much as you do. Masha is a great cook! Masha: Yana, thank you so much. We eat often but not much and you don’t eat anything at all. You live on coffee.- They are looking for Messi. Messi, are you in your house? Have you taken your Frog inside?- Messi is looking out of the house and says Wrrra. Messi is afraid that Sasha will take his toy away. - No, I won’t - says Sasha. Please, don’t chew and don’t swallow it. Messi, the viewers are saying Hi to you!- Messi is listening attentively to his name . -Where is your Frog? May I take it?- Messi is running out of the house with the Frog. Q: Did Messi see a little lion called Chandler in the Zoo? Yes he did but he is indifferent to the other animals.

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @tanrex3 Jaime, thank you very much! We translate for fans like you who care about every detail of this amazing family's life. 😘❤

    • tanrex3

      A BIG thank u to Olga and Ekaterina for your hard work translating! 💐💐💐There may not be many thank u comments here but I know your efforts are so appreciated by all of us English speakers. We all love Messi and his family and we all want to know what’s going on with them so thank u again for helping us breach the language barrier. Have a fabulous weekend ahead!! 🤗🤗🤗

    • liberal ass
      liberal ass

      @Ekaterina Levicheva you are doing a great job already and I'm very thankful for your efforts. Have a nice weekend Ekaterina. Cheers 🥂

    • Elephant seal
      Elephant seal

      @Ekaterina Levicheva Thanks so much for your help. Have a nice weekend!

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Elephant seal Welcome! Part 3 is ready. Unfortunately, that's all I managed to translate this week, sorry. ((

  • Debbie Seitz
    Debbie Seitz

    Sasha looks very handsome in new shirt and Masha you always look beautiful. Of course sweet Messi 🐱♥️ is the star he has Dad to keep his coat brushed and Shiney . Wonderful family Love and blessings from friends in Canada 🐱🐱♥️♥️ ♥️♥️

  • Milen Soboleva
    Milen Soboleva

    Добрый вечер самая милая семья на свете!

  • MJ 1957
    MJ 1957

    Hello from the Northeastern Coast of the US! I absolutely love you guys and the connection you have with Messi and Gerda! The love you have for them is so obvious and the unconditional love you get in return is priceless. Watching you all interact is such a joy to watch and if I had this in my life I'd be the luckiest girl in the world! I would like to send gifts if possible. How would I go about doing that?💖💖

  • Марина Еременко
    Марина Еременко


  • rodica popescu
    rodica popescu

    looks like Messi needs work out, probably in the wilderness cougars are used to run a bit more than Messi. He is gorgeous and the sweetest cougar i have ever seen !! beautiful intelligent sweet Messi xoxoxo

  • Maria grazia Nunnari
    Maria grazia Nunnari

    È veramente speciale Missi.I love you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • joerlie lund
    joerlie lund

    We ❤ gerda too... both of them. You both are great dad & mom. They both are lucky.😻😻😻💞💞💞

  • joerlie lund
    joerlie lund

    He so handsome Messi. .. we ❤ him. He has cute eyes and fluffy tail. So call the way he's talking meowing, growling...😻😻😻 Really great dad and mom, taking care of Messi. A big fan from Philippines

  • Lubov Slyva
    Lubov Slyva

    Вы наши дорогие несёте нам массу позитива здоровья вам и вашей МЕССИ. Снимайте побольше видисиков о ваших питомцев.

  • Elena Grishchenko
    Elena Grishchenko

    Я. Обажаюживотных. Место. Такая. Лапочка

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    patricia moritz


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  • Michael Ebermann
    Michael Ebermann

    Thank you for your beautiful vidios , just love your house cats

  • Sam Serio
    Sam Serio

    We like that..........

  • Виктория Демерчян
    Виктория Демерчян

    Приятно смотреть счастье в доме

  • D. Kuczewski
    D. Kuczewski

    Wed. august 11TH? happy belated conCATtulation messi hello from massachuserrs, hugs and kisses back at you kira, gerda,sasha and Maska, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.....

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Kira died on April 29 due to heart failure. Pleural effusion.

  • D. Kuczewski
    D. Kuczewski

    I've got it...(in 1990 august 09th i was with child, (over 30 years back) no but a boy at the same time as i were a female, for 9 months lol lets not bring 1990 in the equation, but *to caption the stairwell photoshoot i have w/messi there, Would not a virgin, )LIFEFORM? animal? humanistixally speaking and technically? come ahnn...messi is so to me the only handfull of angels in this universe. he would come out in the photo as (almost nor seen) he says mom maska and dad sasha (THIS IS My Dream youre just a visitor) my 2 tell me this all the X

  • D. Kuczewski
    D. Kuczewski

    NO I did not see him on his stairs (i know messi) a couple weeks back, was there,so i took the snapshot from my phone anyway,trying to get a snap of him and his green ball. as he shook his toy, so i snapped messi for my gallery phone photos. (NO PHOTOSHOPPING,I SWEAR) & the 2nd photo of messi on his stairwell,with his beautiful little barefeet,i saw not messi there, so snapped my shot anyway Maska, he today (messi probably is not but outdoors playing,his ball has come out orchid (violet like not green) just like his mesmerizing hazel eyes

  • Юлия Мордык
    Юлия Мордык

    У Месянчика в шкафу целая Нарния - различные сказочные неведомые существа.

  • merlinecacebes

    When Dad, did to him like that. He don't complain. But if others .... grrr! Go away from my side! 😆 🤣

  • Viviana Muñoz
    Viviana Muñoz

    Hermoso Messi en casa con sus padres 😍disfrutando del verano feliz en casa con ese bello patio 🥰😘y Gerda dichosa y amada😘😘❤️🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

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    p u m a

  • Владимир Крылов
    Владимир Крылов

    Дарагие Саша и Маша можэте пожалуйста снять видио на канал герды про её сон как ана спит я думаю многим людям будет интересно полюбоватса на сон герды

    • Владимир Крылов
      Владимир Крылов

      ❤️❤️ Пажалуста

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    Onemore Snottyyoutubeopinion

    Cute cute cute!

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    Angeles Pastor


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    M M

    .....у моей кошечки была серьёзная болезнь- прозрачные кости! На рентгеновском снимке врачи даже не могли рассмотреть вообще где и что ....Лечили . Переживали. Не спали . Выздоровела! Сейчас ей 2 года - зовут Фея ;) Красавица и умница! Всем котам,кошкам - любого цвета,породы и формата здоровья! А хозяевам любви и терпения!🐾🐾😻❤️💞

  • M

    you should pay more attention to the cheeath let him in your house

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Gerda cannot live in the house because she marks everything with her urine. Also the house is Messi's territory. In addition, keeping a cheetah in a house or apartment is prohibited by Federal Law No. 498.

  • Viewer Viewer
    Viewer Viewer

    These horrible owners use captured animals to beg money, always asking for money. Real beggars for self good.

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      You don't know anything about this channel, but express your opinion. Start exploring with this video of the history of Messi's appearance in the house pleyes.info/port/wideo/4KqXonXOZ5exoZk

  • Elena Pavlova
    Elena Pavlova

    И ни слова про Яну, что она у вас была и присматривала за Гердой.

    • Татьяна Леонидовна Х.
      Татьяна Леонидовна Х.

      "мавр сделал свое дело"...

  • Аня Ситникова
    Аня Ситникова

    А скажите кто нибудь где Кирочка её что то давно не видно

    • Аня Ситникова
      Аня Ситникова

      Спасибо за ответ осень жаль её 😭

    • Ольга Павловна
      Ольга Павловна

      😢😿 умерла в апреле перед Пасхой. За 3 дня. Очень внезапно. Начались проблемы с сердцем. Усугубилось аллергией на лекарство от сердца. Лекарство от аллергии. Не выдерживают почки и остаётся проблема с сердцем. Кирочка даже с кислородной маской лежала. 😢😢😢 Не хватает её...


    I wish you and @luna_the_panther could do a video together

  • Татьяна Неважно
    Татьяна Неважно

    Ну до чего красивый кот! Сидит рядом с папой такой мальчик-отличник!

  • Алла Товбина
    Алла Товбина

    Многие знают, что Башкирия славится своим мёдом. Пчёлы,... пчёлки, если знать, что он не укусят, выглядят довольно мило, пушистые такие... чуть полосатые - ну прям насекомовидные тигрята. А вот, когда её увеличишь😲, вот уж действительно - монстр. На одной из улиц Уфы (видимо решили увековечить башкирскую пчелу) поставили скульптуру по типу тех, что в экопарке. На мой вкус - получилось нечто жуткое!

  • Ирина Парфенцева
    Ирина Парфенцева

    У меня. День рождения. Сегодня поцелуйте массяна в розовый нос сегодня. Месюша. Красивый как всегда

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      С Днем рождения Вас! Удачи и любви!

  • Алла Товбина
    Алла Товбина

    У меня есть знакомая, которая боится бабочек. Однажды её муж, на тот момент не знавший о её фобии, ввёл её в состояние полного ужаса - он на день рождения подарил ей коробку с красивейшими живыми бабочками.

    • Ольга Павловна
      Ольга Павловна

      Как я её понимаю! Это же тараканы с крыльями! Полный кошмар...

  • Galina Patey
    Galina Patey

    Красавчик Месси!!!

  • Алла Товбина
    Алла Товбина

    Давным-давно, когда я была в туристической поездке по Закарпатью, на одной из лесных горных дорог я увидела очень необычных и, я бы сказала, довольно красивых слизней. Они были крупные, но не это впечатлило меня. Они были...бирюзовые, переливались всеми оттенками от синего до зелёного, как шейка у селезня. Возможно, эти слизни ядовитые. Их было много, но не настолько, чтобы приходилось постоянно через них переступать.

  • Anna Gray
    Anna Gray

    I love the way Messi sucks his thumb when you brush him! So sweet!


    Hello Masha, Sasha, Messi and Gerda..Especially to Messi..He is so adorable...His white mouth drives me crazy...He is very handsome. He makes my day...I love cats very much so Messi as a bigggg cat is my favorite... Have a nice day from Athens, Greece

  • Марина Егорова
    Марина Егорова

    Месси самый лучший и красивый кот! Обожаю вашу котосемью!!!!

  • Dale Olson
    Dale Olson

    I think that the Russian government should compensate you handsomely since Messi is the best ambassador I have ever seen from any country. He is a real treasure. No one can help but love him!

  • Mary ZHANG
    Mary ZHANG

    I am always thinking Messi is a big cat and has nothing to do with lions 😂😂😂😂 he is so smart, and tender, friendly...... 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Herbie

    Those teeth!

  • О том, да о сём
    О том, да о сём

    Спасибо, за интересное и расслабляющее видео. Провела время с вами с большим удовольствием ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Elizabeth Cave
    Elizabeth Cave

    Walks with Messi or Gerda may be boring to you, but we find them interesting.....always

  • Elizabeth Cave
    Elizabeth Cave

    What is with people in chat today ? Question about Kira is asked and answered every few minutes. Scroll the chat and see if your question is asked already, like the fence

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu

    Маша, без челки действительно лучше. И вообще к таким шикарным волосам прикасаться ножницами это грех!)) Рубашечка и платьице просто супер!

  • Elizabeth Cave
    Elizabeth Cave

    Thanks for some info re: Mia of Vagram. She’s really cute and little. London puma looks a lot like Messi...same color eyes. Is Mia kitty a leopard ?

    • Росинка

      Mia - cougar

  • Elizabeth Cave
    Elizabeth Cave

    You have new neighbors ....where the kids were ?

  • John Veerkamp
    John Veerkamp


  • Светлана

    35:18 Ой, Машенька, как я Вас понимаю... Пряники и молоко, это белиссимо😅

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    You guys are the cutest family💗💗💗💗

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    Lena Kucherova

    Ми ми мишность зашкаливает у Масяна! Тысяча поцелуев!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Lionel Messi retired yesterday….

  • Любовь Буланова
    Любовь Буланова

    Пуменок Ваграма, Мие всего 1 месяц, она малютка

  • Stormy

    Where are you from? I can't understand your language but love watching the puma. :)

    • Ольга Павловна
      Ольга Павловна

      The translation is fixed at the beginning of the comment line closer to Friday: the translation is done "manually" - it takes a lot of time. New videos about Messi and Gerda are released every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday after 17.00 Moscow time. Live broadcasts every Sunday at 13.00 Moscow time.

    • Mila S.
      Mila S.

      They are from Russia, Penza city

  • Cyclonus2377

    Мне нравится новая рубашка Саши 🙂🙂


    Привет Месси и Герде милашки !!!

  • Татьяна Черных
    Татьяна Черных

    Согласна с Машей, к шампанскому лучше клубнику, а к устрицам тогда уже шардонэ, оно мне кажется, больше подходит.

  • Татьяна Черных
    Татьяна Черных

    Машенька, устриц и мидий можно варить, запекать, жарить, вобщем готовить и это очень вкусно. Совершенно необязательно есть их сырыми. 😁

  • sharon stoneback
    sharon stoneback

    Please translate into English or any other language.I would love to know what is being said thank you

    • Ольга Павловна
      Ольга Павловна

      ☺️ The translation is fixed at the beginning of the comment line closer to Friday: the translation is done "manually" - it takes a lot of time. New videos about Messi and Gerda are released every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday after 17.00 Moscow time. Live broadcasts every Sunday at 13.00 Moscow time

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    Ina Gordan

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    Ольга Тесля

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  • Татьяна Черных
    Татьяна Черных

    Да, тараканы реально мерзость. Моего папу рвало от одного вида. Если где увидит, то и материнское молоко вылетало. Поэтому у нас дома мы вели с ними беспощадную борьбу, но в многоэтажном доме это крайне сложно, но мы справлялись. Частный дом в этом плане конечно много лучше. Если где-то один и попался, прихлопнул тапком и все. А у нас вечно от кого-то да забредет. Вобщем вечный бой, покой нам только сниться. 🥴😄😆😁

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  • Olga Trinity
    Olga Trinity

    Ребята, желаю скорейшего выздоровления и заборовосстановления! А как человек, исколесивший Вьетнам и Тайланд, могу сказать, что любителей полно, просто они затариваются совсем на других рынках, в тур.зонах для местных он очень дорогой. Мы подружились с местными жителями в обеих странах, и когда, будучи не в силах доесть этот дерьмофрукт со вкусом и запахом тухлого вареного лука, приправленного ацетоном, дарили половину местным, они воспринимали как у нас принесенный в гости супер торт или арбуз. Но они его едят по другому -вынимают мякоть и кладут снасала в морозилку. Это существенно деактивирует амбре и вкус. Но все равно, если ты знаком с ним в первозданном виде, ты чувствуешь эти нотки. И еще в Тайланде запрещено в большинстве общественных мест приносить или разьедать дурьян, только дома😀

  • liberal ass
    liberal ass

    I was happy to know that MESSI goes.for his daily walks at least. I thought he is not going for.walks anymore ...!! It will be nice to see a video of messi on his walks ... Want to.see him climbing his favorite trees and his cuddling along the walk with Sasha ❤️❤️

  • Irena Haimov
    Irena Haimov

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  • Dale McNamee
    Dale McNamee

    Hi Sasha and Masha ! 👋 It looks like everybody is resting up after the trip to the Eco-park Biosphere zoo in Kaluga which, according to Google is about 460 miles and is a 9+ hour trip ! 😯😉 And I know that it is hot in Penza ( Maryland isn't much better... But, this is summer after all... 😉😏 )... And both Messi and Gerda are taking it easy... 😊 Regarding the fence... I read that its removal was some sort of "joke" perpetrated by the neighbors... ( I admit that I don't fully understand Russian humor and it didn't look like one to me... ) I was wondering why a higher fence was requested ( change in a prior law covering fencing and "wild" animals like Messi and Gerda ? 🤔 ) In previous videos, neither Messi nor Gerda went into the neighbor's yard... But again, there was nobody outside in that yard... Also, neither Messi nor Gerda have tried to jump over the existing fence since Sasha nd Masha brought them home... Enough of my " soap box speech "...😏 Sasha and Masha, you both are getting better in speaking English ! 👌👍👍👏 And I am surprised that the "green plushie" has survived this long ( with Sasha putting it in a closet... ) and Messi trying to get to it in the closet ! 👍 👍👏

    • Dale McNamee
      Dale McNamee

      @Ekaterina Levicheva Hi Ekaterina ! 👋 Now I understand the situation... Because things didn't add up until you mentioned Russian law and "Russia being full of surprises" 😉 America and it's states, counties, and and cities are also "full of surprises"...😉😏 I'm glad that it wasn't the neighbors that caused Sasha and Masha to change their fencing...👍👍👏 Maybe the people who work in the government don't watch the I_Am_Puma and I_Am_Cheetah channels...😊😄😂 Hopefully, Sasha puts up the fences of the "approved height" and doesn't have to spend anymore money...🙂❤

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Dale McNamee No, the neighbors didn't complain. The guys fulfill the requirements of the law. They just decided to slightly increase the height of the fence just in case. You see, Russia is a country of surprises. Everything can be here. Therefore, it is better for the guys to play it safe.

    • Dale McNamee
      Dale McNamee

      @Ekaterina Levicheva Hi Ekaterina ! 👋 Thanks for writing back and explaining things ! 👌👍👍👏 I can see the reason for the higher fence... But, I don't understand the neighbors' complaints since Messi has been there a fairly long time and then Ichel and Gerda... And the current fence seemed to suffice... And neither one tried to escape... I assumed that the new fence was required by a change in a local or Federal law... But, I can understand the insurance company requiring it...

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      The joke was that Yana said that the fence had been stolen during the absence of Masha and Sasha. That is, she allegedly took care of the house poorly in their absence. The guys make a higher fence for the peace of the neighbors. They do it preventively so that there are no complaints against them. That is, they are reinsured. Just in case.

  • Connie Harris
    Connie Harris

    So sweet .would love to hug her.

  • Stuff Joo
    Stuff Joo

    Just look at Messi, he's thinking he's on a mountain looking yonder. He can see much more from his man cave. Messi is loving this every minute from up above, you see how relaxed he is. He's chilling down like he's on the beach observing the people going by.(LOL)

  • Людмила

    Привет из Москвы !Очень жаль ,смотрю в записи !Ребята ,любимая Котосемья ,с днём кошек вас и сладкущих Котодетей!Саша ,Машуля ,какие вы красивые ,так держать !Я пропустила ,думала это соседи меняют забор ,а это оказывается вы!Правильно,взвешенное решение ,вы умнички ,за что берётесь ,все обдумано и необходимо !!Мы смеялись всей семьёй ,как Мессюша с игрушкой носился задорно!!!Вилюровый красавец ,такой ненаглядный !!!Гердуля ,девочка нежная ,сегодня видимо одной хотелось побыть на стриме ,жарко !Машуля ,я тоже бы испугалась такого слизняка !А вот наличие улиток ,слизняков и пауков после дождя ,говорит о хорошей экологической обстановке и это радует!А у нас в Москве был сегодня дождь и очень душно !Медведки были на огороде у бабушки и помню с ними боролись ,все их боялись !Обнимаем вас ,всю семью ,будем глядеть эфиры ,которые не успели !😍❤️

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    Надежда Косяк

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    Jack Hey

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    алина шокина

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    Michelle Jackson

    I wish they would take Gerda on a lure chase. She needs it to stretch her legs. She is a cheetah.

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    Emanuela Balucci

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    Emanuela Balucci

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    • Stuff Joo
      Stuff Joo

      Maybe puma and cheetah cups and shirts and maybe pills with their faces on.

  • Инна Сасковец
    Инна Сасковец

    Страна называется БЕЛАРУСЬ ,а не Беларуссия,прошу вас произносить название нашей страны верно!!!

    • Марина Легонькова
      Марина Легонькова

      Мой родной дядя.воевал с 15 лет в партизанах,прожил всю свою жизгь в Минске и республику и родину малую звал Белоруссия.Не пойму ,почему режет слух🤔 Россия или Русь,все замечатнльно.

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Саша родился в СССР, поэтому он привык к названию Белоруссия. Ничего унизительного в этом названии нет. Он очень любит эту страну.

    • Над К
      Над К

      Хм, Россию на западе называют на свой манер и Раша, и Руслант и Русия. А уж как нас финны называют :) Да и мы тоже называем зарубежные страны не так, как они сами себя называют. Поэтому непонятно, почему вы обижаетесь? Разве слово Белоруссия какое-то ругательное? Так издавна у нас повелось называть вашу замечательную страну.

    • Z Inana
      Z Inana

      Согласна! Слух режет(( Маша, обрати, пожалуйста, внимание!

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    Ірина Кіцера

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    Joyce Myers

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    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Follow the first pinned comment. The translation of the stream, as usual, will appear in a few days in the first pinned comment. You can also watch the video with the chat enabled. Anna and I always translate the most important moments of the stream in the chat.

    • Stuff Joo
      Stuff Joo

      (LOL) well me too. I'm sure what they're saying is everything but nice to say about both cat's journeys.From the New York area, USA

    • Michelle Jackson
      Michelle Jackson

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    Edwin Lucero

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    Big TV

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    Teresa Sierpina

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    Ірина Кіцера

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    Galika Galika

    Ребята! Не перестаю восхищаться Вами! 🌼 Сколько у вас любви к животным! Вы всё делаете для своих любимцев! Дай, Бог, вам здоровья, процветания вашей прекрасной семье!!! 🔆🔆🔆🐱🐱🐱

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    Daniil_ murt

    11:30 а кто-то пару-тройку месяцев назад говорил,что вот-вот веранда застеклена будет...

    • Mila S.
      Mila S.

      Главное результат, а насчёт обещаний сделать, в России это в порядке вещей

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Это потому, что их кормил обещаниями недобросовестный подрядчик. Потом они подавали на него в суд. А потом, когда ребята сменили компанию исполнителя работ, они ждали, пока приедут все части конструкции.

    • Daniil_ murt
      Daniil_ murt

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      Алла Товбина

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    Алла Товбина

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