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  • Ekaterina Levicheva
    Ekaterina Levicheva

    LIVE STREAM SUMMARY. September 12, 2021 Folks, I was left alone again, Olga can no longer help me. Therefore, I will only translate the most important and interesting points. Thank you for understanding! Also, do not forget, friends, that now there is a new channel "Russian with Puma Messi". pleyes.info/border/dzT4HGlslMNlD6jdpcnzWg.htmlvideos I wish you success in learning Russian! Part 1. The guys ask Messi to say hello to us. Messi: Quack! They greet us in different languages. Privet! (Привет! Hi!) They talk about the weather. It's raining. The cats are lazy and sleepy. Sasha asks Messi to open his mouth to examine his teeth. 3:44 Q: Where is the third big cat? [rus: Gde tretiy bol'shoy kot?] Masha says that soon they will finish the cardboard cat and show it to us. Sasha says that Messi seems to have caries on the inside of the canine. Q: Tell us why Sasha cut out a cardboard cat? Masha: We will not tell you, but show it! Sasha says that they came up with an idea, but the building materials ran out. They went to the store, bought the materials they needed, but they hadn't built it yet. There will be a separate video about this cat. pleyes.info/port/wideo/rp-MbYuzlKqzho8 Q: Masha, how is your diet? Masha explains that this is not a diet, it is proper nutrition with a minimum amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Masha likes the results of such nutrition, the waist is thinner. Sasha doesn't see the difference. Masha is a little offended. Sasha treats Messi to sour cream. Sasha tries to get Messi to nod ("Yes, dad, you always tell the truth!") with a can of sour cream. 7:57 One of the subscribers thinks that Messi has gained weight by the fall. The guys say that Messi’s and Gerda's undercoat has increased. The feeding rate was not changed. The fur of the cats has become darker. Even the fur of the deer became darker in anticipation of winter. One of the deer began to have dark, chic eyebrows. (Sasha shows with his hand on his face). The day before yesterday Sasha saw a hare on the road, which also began to change the color of its fur. Messi and Gerda began to ask for more food in order to stock up on fat for the winter. But guys won't let them accumulate fat. Sasha suggests lighting the stove on the terrace to create warmth and coziness on this rainy day. Masha again talks about proper nutrition, she began to eat less sweets. She trains her willpower. Sasha says that he eats as usual, without limiting himself, but now he tries to eat sweets when Masha is not in the room. Masha says she doesn't keep track of calories. Sasha again tries to look at Messi's teeth. Comment: Masha, blink if you are being tortured! The guys laugh. Messi didn't want to eat this morning, because Sasha went too far with vitamins. The next stream will be on Sasha's birthday. Therefore, the guys will open gifts. A request to give Messi crab sticks. Masha says that Messi doesn't like to eat them. 13:17 A request to tell about Gerda's hunt. Masha: It was still incomprehensible to us. Gerda usually plays with the ball around 5-6 in the morning. Our bedroom had a window open, we heard that she started running, but we thought she was playing with a ball. Sasha says that he was alarmed by the noise that the magpies made at about 6 in the morning. Magpies sometimes fight over garbage bags. But Sasha didn’t look at what was the matter, because Messi hadn’t yet woken them up. Then they got up, fed Messi, began to get ready to go out for a walk. They saw that there was something in the enclosure. That is, Gerda killed a magpie and left it. She didn’t eat the magpie. The size of a magpie is about the size of a pigeon. The lattice cell of the enclosure is 5x5 cm/2x2 inches. That is, it was necessary to deliberately climb there in order to get inside. The guys watched the video from the CCTV cameras, the magpie came down from the roof of the enclosure. The second magpie was waiting for it outside. The first magpie climbed into the enclosure and walked there for 12 minutes. Gerda lay on her shelf and watched it. Then she finally decided to punish the impudent magpie. Small birds (wagtails, warblers) always walk in Gerda's enclosure, but she was never interested in them. Predators rarely eat magpies, they kill them, but then don’t touch them, because magpies feed on carrion. But how does Gerda know this, she met this bird for the first time! Sasha is at a loss, because he knows that magpies are very smart and social birds. It’s not clear what interested the magpie in Gerda's enclosure. Sasha believes that this magpie didn’t have any specific goal, it just walked there. This is the Darwin Award, this is natural selection. Sasha recalls how one day he and his friends went on a hike to wild places where there are no people, and saw how a rather large green lizard went right into a big campfire. It was at lunchtime, in broad daylight. The guys couldn't even say something for 2 or 3 minutes. It was a very strange suicidal act. The guys didn’t frighten the lizard, they sat quietly, didn’t make loud noises and didn’t move. Sasha: This is natural selection. If an individual is not able to realize that it is dangerous in this place and cannot prevent this danger, it dies the fastest. The guys again say that Gerda didn’t eat the magpie, she didn’t even try to eat it. 19:16 Sasha reminds Masha of how she once saw on the road when leaving the village, how one magpie ate a sparrow. Sasha knew that magpies destroy nests, they feed on eggs and chicks of other birds. But he was surprised that the magpie ate the sparrow. Previously, he treated this bird differently. 20:34 Q: What happened to Messi's gray sofa? Sasha says that they had many guests at their home that day. Messi peed on his bed for stress. He decided to remind everyone that this was his sofa, he decided to mark it with his scent. The Internet connection was broken because of a phone call (Alexander, the owner of a leopard named Caesar, called). Sasha: If an animal that is accustomed to the toilet does its business in the wrong place, this is always a reason to think about what is the matter. You must first analyze your own behavior. You need to try to understand what could be causing stress in the animal. Animals don't do it out of spite. There is always some adequate reason why they do it. This is an attempt to protect, mark their property. Or this is an attempt to show the owner that something is wrong, something is bad, something hurts them. You need to be especially careful if the problem occurs repeatedly or if it happens in different places. For example, your cat peed on the bedside rug. You bought something from the supermarket to hide the smell of urine. Or you took a repeller. The cat stopped peeing there. But as soon as the smell of this product begins to disappear, the cat will come there and again mark this rug with its smell. That is, this smell of him is safe for the cat. Try not to use these repellents, try to destroy the molecules of the cat scent themselves. This can be done with a steam iron. The steam penetrates deeply and destroys the molecules of the cat scent. You can also use ultraviolet light, but under ultraviolet light, the surfaces fade. You can also use edible alcohol. Technical alcohol cannot be used. Cats have a craving for technical alcohol, but it is poison for them. In winter, people throw bottles of anti-freeze liquid for car windows in the courtyards. Cats can walk up and suck on this liquid. For some reason they are attracted by industrial alcohol. If this happens to your cat, ethyl alcohol is the antidote. You can even use vodka or whiskey. 25:40 Q: My dog was allergic to literally everything. Cancer has developed. We tried to treat it, but it helped for a short time. The doctor said it needed to be put to sleep. Did we do the right thing or should we fight on? Sasha says cancer is a death sentence. Animals have a different understanding of death than we do. They do not understand that after death there is nothing. It is selfish to disregard the veterinarian's advice in this case. Cancer is terrible pain. Animals have a high pain threshold, they can just tolerate pain. You prolong the agony of your pet. Also Sasha doesn't understand the causal relationship between allergies and cancer. If there is any scientific research that allergies cause cancer, Sasha wants to know about it. Sasha goes outside to get some wood to light the stove. He persuades Messi to stay at home with Masha. Masha wishes a speedy recovery to everyone who is sick now. You need to drink lemon tea and eat vitamins! And you also need more sleep, because sleep is the best medicine. Masha follows Messi, who follows Sasha. She says that he behaves this way every time Sasha leaves home for 5 minutes. Finally, Messi himself opens the doors and goes out into the street.

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Myriam Bredeche Thank you! Part 2 is ready.

    • Myriam Bredeche
      Myriam Bredeche

      Thank you very much Ekaterina for your translations during the live broadcast and for the more detailed summaries. It’s a huge job !!! 🙏🙏🙏

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @jean-pierre aubertin Merci ❤😘

    • jean-pierre aubertin
      jean-pierre aubertin

      merci pour ce que vous faites , tout ce travail , merci du fond du coeur , désolé , je ne parle ni Russe ni anglais

    • M MM
      M MM

      Ektarina Heartfull 🙏 to your tine.

  • Christoph Mathys
    Christoph Mathys

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    Ната Кузинкова

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    Ната Кузинкова

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    Ната Кузинкова

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    Ната Кузинкова

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    Ната Кузинкова

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    Маргарита Абрамова

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    Ilmira Moskva

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    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

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  • Ilmira Moskva
    Ilmira Moskva

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    Eran Shachar

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    Janet Jinkens

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    • Eran Shachar
      Eran Shachar

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    Audri Clausen

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    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      The first door that he opened himself happened long before Messi was taught anything in his new home). It was the door to the roof, during a walk on one of his first days or maybe weeks in his new home. Messi opened it and went down the stairs alone, because he was cold. He sat down to wait at the door to his apartment while Sasha was looking for him on the roof.

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    Cathy Schall

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    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      As far as I realize, Sasha has come to terms with the fact that they are too different, and decided not to make Messi suffer.

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    Jekaterina Németh

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    • Владимир Крылов
      Владимир Крылов

      Есле по поводу животных Саша и Маша сказали што пока никого не плонируют

    • Владимир Крылов
      Владимир Крылов

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    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Welcome to the new channel "Russian with Puma Messi"! pleyes.info/border/dzT4HGlslMNlD6jdpcnzWg.htmlvideos As for the translation, the summary will appear in a few days, as usual, in the first pinned comment.

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    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Marsha Humbert These are not subtitles. This is a short summary. See the first comment under the previous stream as an example.

    • Marsha Humbert
      Marsha Humbert

      @Ekaterina Levicheva, thank you for the information. I will watch again during the week when subtitles are available. 😃

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      This is a live broadcast. Live broadcasts cannot be provided with subtitles, this is live communication. We translate the most important moments in the chat. Then we and other volunteers translate the stream during the week. The translation will be pinned in the first comment. Check it back later, it takes a few days for the translation.

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