Messi calls Sasha for help! The cat cannot catch a fish
Messi does not perceive fish as food, but he is interested in watching it. So that's why this smart cat calls Sasha for help, as he cannot get the fish himself)))

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  • Rastaveli MC
    Rastaveli MC

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    • Beatriz Bethlehém
      Beatriz Bethlehém

      I love Messi, but sometimes i ask for myself if It Is druged

    • Just Lisa
      Just Lisa

      We all know that when Sasha takes Messi for a walk by the lake, he gets in and gets his feet wet. But when the lake and the fish are at his house, he needs Dad to help him. 😂😂😂

    • Kelli Q
      Kelli Q

      Thank you!! My kids and I love watching these sweet animals!😁❤️❤️

    • Mousie Brown
      Mousie Brown

      This is hilarious!!! 😆😂😆😂

    • susan tommis
      susan tommis

      @The Turulhawk Yeah,and I don't approve of catch and release sport fishing, either. For exactly the same reasons. Animals have to eat each other. I get that. But we don't have to use animals for sport. Aren't we supposed to be the ,more aware, species.? It's Sasha's gung ho attitude and sheer thoughtlessness that made me so angry. And he,s done it before. I'm also disappointed they gave up so easily on trying to get Messi and Gerda habituated to each other. So eventually Gerda could ,move in,. .They didn't exactly pull out all the stops. So now poor Gerda is gonna be stuck in her quarters again for the whole winter. Sorry, I,m out.

  • Александра Чанина
    Александра Чанина

    Зовет папу на помощь, не получается поймать рыбку.

  • vvv svg
    vvv svg

    Пора завести детей, а не зарабатывать на Кошечках. Не получается, возьмите из приюта, пользы будет больше.

  • Chrysant tea
    Chrysant tea

    lol it is true then cats have staff/servant 😂 he is ordering his human

  • Лена Мерлак
    Лена Мерлак

    Да , задача! И как словить рыбу🙂

  • Лукьянчикова Алена
    Лукьянчикова Алена

    А куда пропала Герда?

    • Срыч Mордыч
      Срыч Mордыч

      Герда у себя сидит =-)

  • Lisa A Anderson
    Lisa A Anderson

    Such a little boy kitty wanting his Dad.

  • justin spletzer
    justin spletzer

    I wonder if Messi is nervous he knows he is in Gerdas house and she could whip him around.

  • Наталья Морозова
    Наталья Морозова


  • Александр Ашимов
    Александр Ашимов

    Впали в детство! Бывает

  • Александр Окулов
    Александр Окулов

    В природе мать учит малыша как добывать пищу!

  • Claudia Miller
    Claudia Miller

    Fish be goin’ “……WHAT DE ??? is going on here??”

  • Viayr4ik Mukhtarova
    Viayr4ik Mukhtarova

    Может в бассейн креветок запустить?🤔

  • Ирина Савельева
    Ирина Савельева

    Кажется, котик понял, что на этот раз в миску не положат. И просто негодует: в чëм дело?! Обиделся реально.

  • Beatriz Bethlehém
    Beatriz Bethlehém

    Me encanta el puma Messi pero a veces me pregunto si lo tienen dopado para que no se comporte como un puma real. A veces me parece mal que lo hayan domesticado

  • Sonal Malik
    Sonal Malik

    Anyone Indian here ✋

  • Ricardo

    1:42 жаждал просто смотреть на это 🐟😋

  • I am a doge, please, pet me.
    I am a doge, please, pet me.

    I love Messi's behavior and appearance, these both features of him are so damn cute.

  • anita sham
    anita sham

    Messi's family shows us love and caring. Thank you for sharing. From United Kingdom

  • perplexed chupakabra
    perplexed chupakabra

    MV rất hay, i like it 😂😲💙

  • Татьяна Р
    Татьяна Р

    Издеваются над рыбой уроды.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor

    Where is the cheetah? They don't put them together that much anymore ?

    • akinpaws

      In the window at 8:50. I think she had been napping after her meal.

  • Антонина Филиппова
    Антонина Филиппова

    Бассейны ещё не заклеевали😁

  • Марина Еременко
    Марина Еременко


  • Luce Duchesneau
    Luce Duchesneau

    Thank you so much for translation into English. Thoroughly appreciated from 🇺🇸.

  • Luce Duchesneau
    Luce Duchesneau

    Of course does not want to wet his 🐾... He IS A CAT, big 🐈, but cat nonetheless! He went for the preliminaries, eating grass, which might serve as 🐟 seasoning.... the rest is up to dad.... LOL!

  • Silvana Turrioni
    Silvana Turrioni

    Poor fish

  • Жанна Панкова
    Жанна Панкова

    Спасибо вам за ваши видео, так успокаивает смотреть за котиками

  • Kelli Q
    Kelli Q


  • Cláudia Cestari
    Cláudia Cestari

    💚🐟 Я люблю канал, но выгоняю животное из его естественной среды обитания или подвергая его опасности / смерти ради чистого веселья и бесчеловечности. То же самое было бы подвергнуть Мисси риску ради другого животного ради развлечения и риска жизни / смерти. Не знаю, зачем они это делают, мне они кажутся такими разумными ... Это действительно печально. Не подстрекайте к такому поведению из любви и сострадания к животным. 🙌

  • Fussimist Taylor
    Fussimist Taylor

    How does Messi not poke holes in the pool? My cat is much smaller and that pool would be flat in 5 seconds!

  • Asistencia Profesional Propiedad Horizontal
    Asistencia Profesional Propiedad Horizontal

    Me encanta esta serie de Messi el puma, pero ese amor a ese hermoso felino domesticado, hagan un pelao un humano , o adopten si no pueden . Excume x esta opinión.

  • Illizar

    Зачем ловить рыбу, если есть домашний человек

  • jeremygts

    lol my Bengal cat caught my fish out of my garden pond, Messi just needs more practice.

  • Динара Имирова
    Динара Имирова

    Месси и его хозяин они будто созданы друг для друга😍😘😙

  • asya natuurwandelingen
    asya natuurwandelingen

    co za kot, ale szkoda rybek one tez czuja i sie boja kota,

  • Max Nutlet
    Max Nutlet

    Рыба не ловится потому, что у Масяна бескозырки нет)))

  • Ileana calin
    Ileana calin


  • Alex Dovnar
    Alex Dovnar

    Вы рыбов выдаете? Нет, просто показываем КРЯсивое

  • Judy Hough
    Judy Hough

    Aww poor Messi I'll help you 😍😍😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣

  • Kathy Bekaert
    Kathy Bekaert

    Hi It’s soooooooooo cute to see Messi run towards his dad for help. It’s adorable! Messi taps his dads ankle as he enters Gerda’s enclosure, like to say get in here and help me, this is urgent.

  • Maria grazia Nunnari
    Maria grazia Nunnari

    Missi è speciale è calma buona affettuosa!gerda è bella ma imprevedibile carattere particolare!tutti e due sono meravigliosi !👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Hameed Ibrahim
    Hameed Ibrahim

    Is messi a mountain lion????

    • akinpaws


  • Nan Duarte
    Nan Duarte

    Poor fish!

  • Justin Goforth
    Justin Goforth

    How in the world does that pool stay intact with those claws?? 😳

  • Awesome Lane
    Awesome Lane

    This is literally the best channel. ❤🐾

  • Ruttle Snake
    Ruttle Snake

    Пап, я совсем расстроился, Не жалею слез: "Рыбка все не ловится, Только мокнет нос!"

  • Mira Umarbekova
    Mira Umarbekova

    Где Герда? Ее закрыли?

    • Срыч Mордыч
      Срыч Mордыч

      Закрыли, потом она тоже понзакомилась с с бассейном

  • Kellie Slaymaker
    Kellie Slaymaker

    Messi is so funny 😆❤️

  • Hobi Angel
    Hobi Angel

    Messi bite so quick

  • татьяна дашкова
    татьяна дашкова

    Неумеха Месси , знает что для него и за него все сделает его любимый папа 😊

  • tall32guy

    What kind of fish is she, i wonder?

  • Alex Burak
    Alex Burak

    А она после Месси в своём вальере захочит жить ???

  • OfficialJoeKingOne

    Fish Lives Matter!

  • ftasb1

    рыбов просто показывают


    Messi is so so mad for not catching a fish poor Messi, better luck next time

  • Сур Т
    Сур Т

    Мессюша! Милый Увалень! Как же тебя любят эти замечательные ребята! Изболовали тебя ...Поросенок!Вот и новую игрушку притащили Ловись рыбка большая и маленькая...✌❤😂💋💋💋

  • Nicole Komenda
    Nicole Komenda

    I wonder if Gerta was giving the same opportunity how she would handle the fish. Would she go fishing on her own after watching silly Messi from her inside window? Lol

    • Nicole Komenda
      Nicole Komenda

      @Kingfisher I just came across this one on Messi's and then I started to look at gerda's and saw it. Thank you. It was funny seeing Gerda watch Messi through the window.

    • Kingfisher

      This pool with the fish was left in Gerda's enclosure for several days. Gerda never tried to catch the fish nor get into the pool. She is not interested in anything except food/meat.

  • Sergei B
    Sergei B

    Не царское это дело ,рыбу в бассейне ловить! Прикажу и ..мне поймают🤣🤣🤣

  • You still looking
    You still looking

    Just get in the pool messi lmao

  • You still looking
    You still looking

    Lmao messie is like what do i do

  • Инна Дыбалина
    Инна Дыбалина

    Месси: папа, ты ведь мне рыбу принес, сам сказал, а она убегает. Паааа, ну иди помогай достать. Ну, вот, сам да сам, а помогать кто будет?

  • Maria Prinz
    Maria Prinz

    Папуля,на помощ!!!😄😄😄😄👍👍👍❤💜🧡💚💙💚🧡💜❤ Эх,не рыбак Масянька - не рыбак!!

  • thebirdee

    I love your family. And I love to hear Messi talk. The only puma sounds most people post are the screams. Thank you for sharing them with us. This is a nice end to a bad day and week.

  • lena n
    lena n

    Пум реально зовет Па, абалдеть!!!

  • Eko Sri Christina
    Eko Sri Christina

    Kucing besar yg menggemaskan

  • That AMC Guy
    That AMC Guy

    Man shows cat fish. Cat bites fish. Man surprised that cat bite the fish. Man really needs to reassess life choices.

  • Cindy Himes
    Cindy Himes

    Thank you for taking such good care of them!!

  • ирина гулина
    ирина гулина

    Мне очень жалко рыбку, так нельзя, кисульки будьте добрее пожалуйста

  • Debbie Mclardy
    Debbie Mclardy

    Very cute. Love the way he asks Dad for help! But where is Gerder?

  • Пикачушка Пик
    Пикачушка Пик

    А Месси это девочка или мальчик ? Я просто не понимаю ( - _ -)

    • Срыч Mордыч
      Срыч Mордыч

      Мальчик, его назвали в честь футболиста

  • V See
    V See

    Ooh bad

  • Kali Cat
    Kali Cat

    Why try to get this puma to catch a fish? He is not a wild puma. He will never hunt for food because food is given to him. Using fish like this is cruelty. This would not happen in a big cat sanctuary.

  • Melissa honey
    Melissa honey

    He wants Daddy to help him

  • first last
    first last

    Messi the best cat ever

  • Ale G
    Ale G

    Messi is a miracle 💛

  • Policia 190 PMPR Oficial
    Policia 190 PMPR Oficial


  • Dee Wila
    Dee Wila

    He is very cleaver,isn't he?

  • Natali Fox
    Natali Fox

    Герда выглядывает -Кто там у меня хозяйничает???Все игрушки раскидал Месси,рыбу не поймал...

  • Patti Belcher
    Patti Belcher

    I’m sorry “ SHE “

  • Patti Belcher
    Patti Belcher

    I remember when Messi fell in the water a while back. He does not like the water!!😯

    • Patti Belcher
      Patti Belcher

      @Wally Holloway I think 🤔 so ?!

    • Wally Holloway
      Wally Holloway

      Is he ❤️

  • Rachel Benjamin
    Rachel Benjamin

    I wish Gerda and Messi had been together - she looked a bit sad, looking out through the window. Beautiful cats ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

  • L C
    L C

    Messi ignores Sasha any other time because it's all about "Daddy" not Now he wants her help

    • akinpaws

      Sasha is dad (short for Alexandr). Mom is Masha (short for Mariya).

  • Margui622

    Messi wants to catch the fish but he would not./ Messi quiere agarrar al pez pero no se atreve.

  • Однажды Утром
    Однажды Утром

    Спасибо Вам.

  • Yvette Mari Robles
    Yvette Mari Robles

    Maybe get in the pool next time to show her it's okay for her to be in there. She will probably hunt it then. Puma mom's show their babies how to hunt in water.

    • Yvette Mari Robles
      Yvette Mari Robles

      @Wally Holloway Thank you for letting me know!

    • Wally Holloway
      Wally Holloway

      Messi is a he ❤️

  • Ann

    If Messi is hungry he will get the fish but not until

  • なわJane 정
    なわJane 정

    Messi is daddy's boy indeed! Papa this. Papa that. Lmao! So cute! 😂😂

  • Ольга Горланова
    Ольга Горланова

    👍 и ведь не уходит из Гердулиных аппартаментов,

  • Joanne PC
    Joanne PC

    Oh boy 😻

  • Тамарел

    8:05 Месси явственно произносит "Папа!" Я в восторге от этого говорящего кота:) с его уровнем интеллекта ему осталось только освоить человеческую речь!

  • Svetlana

    Если бы не хозяева, то смотреть на этого кота было бы совсем не интересно.

  • Debbie King
    Debbie King

    Hi guys. Ohhh i love messi so much. He is such a funny, soft, Wonderful Character!

  • fred liebing
    fred liebing

    Ein wunderschönes Tier. 👍👍👍🐈


    They have not taught him to hunt for food. Pope. does everything. that's not good. The day his dad gets sick or something happens to him, this poor animal won't know how to defend himself. That is very bad. even human beings teach their children to defend themselves against life.



  • Christine Beyers
    Christine Beyers

    Everytime I see and hear the skittles commercial I think of Messi. I just adore 😍 her.. she is so gentle and loving... I couldn't imagine your lives without her

    • Wally Holloway
      Wally Holloway

      Messi is a he ❤️

  • My Dory
    My Dory

    You’re so funny baby Messi ♥️

  • X Veysper X
    X Veysper X

    Messi just took a bite without thinking twice😂

  • Luda Mama
    Luda Mama

    "Хождение по мукам" - современное исполнение. В главной роли - непревзойденный Месси.